We continuously improve the quality of maintrac® diagnostics. 

With the new maintrac® packaging, which ensures the transport of blood samples at a stable temperature of approx. 22 ºC, we have already succeeded in significantly increasing the quality of our service to you.
Simultaneously with the increased safety of your blood samples, the new packaging also protects the environment, since the inner packaging is sterilizable and therefore reusable.
In order to make our service even more convenient to you, our pick- up order form is now available online 24/7.
You will receive an extra waybill directly from our logistic partner.
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  1. Wrap the enclosed absorbent fleece around the two 7,5ml EDTA blood tubes.
  2. Place the blood tubes together with the fleece in the thermal element; close the screw caps.
  3. Pack the thermal element in the styrofoam container.
  4. Put the styrofoam container in the cardboard and enclose the filled-in lab request form as well as the medical history.
  5. Send the package back to us by using the pick-up order form online.
If you need more boxes, please just order online, send us a short email ( ) or give us a call ( +49 (0) 921 730052-10 ).

We will be happy to support you.

Kind regards

Your maintrac®-team
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