In Germany, more than two out of five women (43%) and approximately one in two men (51%) suffer from cancer over their lifetime (estimate according to ZfKD), and this trend is on the rise. After prostate cancer and breast cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer are the most common cancers in Germany. The individuality of each disease poses a key challenge in any therapeutic approach. This is because the aggressiveness of tumors differs significantly and the therapy solution should be based on each individual patient.

maintrac® contributes to the monitoring and customization of cancer therapy. In additionally, the diagnostic procedure can support both doctor and patient in selecting a suitable therapeutic agent. As maintrac® is more sensitive than other procedures, it may flag up renewed tumor activity sooner, so that a new round of treatment can be initiated as quick as possible.

On the following pages, you will find further information on the most commonly occurring tumor types and what maintrac® diagnostics can contribute to the treatment of each cancer type. You will also obtain information on tumor properties which can be important when considering the therapy for individual cancer cases.

Basically, the maintrac® method can be used for almost any solid tumor types. For any questions in this regard, please contact the specialized laboratory Dr. Pachmann (+49 (0)921 850-200).

Information on where to receive the maintrac® lab request form can be found here.

Information can be found both within and on the surface of tumor cells which is important for ensuring an optimal and individual therapy for each patient. This is due to the fact that tumor cells will only respond to targeted therapies when the cells exhibit specific surface structures/characteristic features.

These so-called therapy-relevant properties can be identified by using the maintrac® assessment which is a “liquid biopsy” performed on a blood sample.

In cases of carcinomas of unknown origin, certain characteristics of the circulating tumor cells can also hint at the location of the primary tumor.

On the relevant pages for each cancer type, you can find out which properties can be determined for which cancers, and when it is most effective to carry out testing.

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